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Intelligent Ignition

Flame Smart offers state-of-the-art burner management systems for any operation with burner management needs. From pilotless ignition to remote control capabilities, Flame Smart provides the operator with the benefits of simple and consistent flame technologies.

We guarantee an effective and powerful system with distinguished service and support, backed by industry-experienced professionals. Please visit Flame Smart to learn more about our advanced burner technology and to determine the best fit for your site needs.

Burner Management Systems

The Flame Smart family of Burner Management System products combines leading technology, ease of use and durability to deliver consistent and efficient burner management solutions. With versatile capabilities, Flame Smart systems are ideal for burner management in the oil and gas, manufacturing and food processing industries.

Flame Smart Ei

Flame Smart’s Ei has simplified burner management for flares and combustors. The Ei is equipped with all the necessary features for effective flare operation without overcomplicated controls or a complex circuit board. One-button startup and consistent performance make the Ei ideal for use with flares and combustors of any shape, size and specifications.

Flame Smart Ei3

More robust than the Ei, Flame Smart’s Ei3 boasts pilotless ignition, effortless controls, customizable features and a cutting-edge design to deliver consistent, powerful burner management. The Ei3 controls both the pilot and main burner gas valves and is compatible with flares, combustors and all fire tube applications.

Flame Smart Ei+

The Flame Smart Ei+ is designed for use with the ASHCOR combustor and can be used with various combustor and flare applications. Requiring only minimal set point adjustments, the Ei+ monitors the pilot utilizing the igniter or thermocouple as the flame-sensing device. The relighting capability ensures flame presence to maintain compliance and safe operation.