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Replacement Parts

Specialized Site Solutions

At ASHCOR, our goal is to optimize our customers’ operation time and keep their sites running safely and smoothly with minimal interruption.

No matter the site application, functional equipment is imperative. Our extensive inventory of oil and gas replacement parts for ASHCOR products is tested to withstand even the harshest environments to ensure our customers’ equipment works safely, precisely and consistently.

Our ASHCOR customer exclusive inventory includes the spare parts needed for each step of the flaring process. To purchase replacement parts for your ASHCOR flare, please visit ASHCOR Solutions and log in to your account.

Gas Train Components:
Gas train components are critical to the operation of gas handling equipment. These parts allow for the automated monitoring and control of the flow of waste gas and include parts such as valves, flame arrestors, pressure transmitters and switches.

Pilot Assembly/Ignition Components:
Maintaining a constant pilot is not only a regulatory requirement, but also essential to the safe operation of combustion controls. Pilot parts include igniters, burner tips, flame presence monitors and pilot gas train components.

Control Panel Parts:
Whether employing a PLC-based controls system or a simple burner management system, maintaining the operation of the equipment control panel can save both time and money by sustaining full functionality of equipment. Control panel replacement parts include everything from relays and fuses to power strips and terminal blocks.

Temperature Monitoring Parts:
Temperature measurement allows for optimal operation of gas handling processes by providing constant process feedback, ensuring the application remains in the desired operating range. Should the process temperature exceed or fall below the desired set points, these devices can trigger shutdown or other safety corrective actions to guarantee the safety of the equipment as well as the facility.

Mixing Tubes/Burner Components:
Custom-fabricated burner mixing tubes and nozzles guarantee ideal flow conditions that will maintain the operation of a combustion unit in compliance with minimum federal regulations while eliminating nuisance combustion issues such as smoke, incomplete combustion, ignition difficulty, noise and vibration. Typical parts include burner mixing chambers, nozzles and air register plates.

Spare Parts Selection

Through ASHCOR Solutions, we provide our customers with a comprehensive selection of oil and gas replacement parts compatible with ASHCOR open and enclosed flare units.


At ASHCOR, reliability is one of our core values. Our replacement parts are manufactured from quality materials and inspected for performance to ensure they function safely and efficiently in the field.


We provide customized spare parts solutions to fit any flare or combustor application in the oilfield. No matter the makeup of your equipment, we have the parts to repair it safely.


Our comprehensive library of replacement parts includes parts for all stages of the flaring process, including pilot assembly/ignition, control panel and temperature monitoring.