PEC Safety





An ASHCOR service relationship puts safety and reliability first. Our team works tirelessly to provide exceptional oilfield service to our customers to ensure their flaring operations run at peak performance. We understand how important safety is to our clients and follow all parameters to maintain a safe working environment.


From installation and training to routine and emergency maintenance, we provide quality, reliable service every time.

Installation and Startup

Because our flaring systems are designed and manufactured in our own facilities, the ASHCOR team has the knowledge, experience and optimal installation methods to ensure your flare is set up for success.

On-Site Training

Whether our clients choose on-site installation by ASHCOR or self-installation by their own team, we ensure each of our customers is properly educated on how to use and maintain their unit safely and efficiently.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance on flare units may seem unremarkable, but regular equipment upkeep is essential to safe and productive performance. Our experts are knowledgeable of advancing technology and will work with you to minimize downtime and protect and improve your operation.

Emergency Service and Support

In a crisis, you need an effective solution that works fast. ASHCOR understands the importance of rapid turnaround time to resolve a potentially dangerous situation and keep operations running safely and smoothly.

Where We Operate:

With extensive experience in the exploration and production oil and gas segment, the ASHCOR team delivers specialized service solutions in the Permian and Bakken regions.