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Burning Issues #1: Air Assisted Smokeless Flaring

The air-assisted flare is designed for operations where low pressure gases are required to have a smokeless burn and where no process steam is available.

ASHCOR and ClearSign Natural Draft Low Emissions Combustor Featured in Hydrocarbon Engineering

Jim Deller, ClearSign Combustion, and Andy Smith, ASHCOR, introduced the efficient combustion solution for oil and gas

ASHCOR Hires Jamal Ghazala as Vice President of Business Development

New Vice President brings expertise focused on flaring and pressure relief systems

ASHCOR Announces Partnership with ClearSign to Develop, Manufacture and Market Flares

ASHCOR to incorporate ClearSign Core Technology with 99.99% DRE into new line of combustors

Investing in High Capacity Vapor Combustors for Improved Production Operation Efficiency

Upstream oil and gas production operations have many moving parts and regulatory standards to meet.

Pardon Our French…But What the Flare?!

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